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Norm Mayer received the Alumni Association Citation Award at Augustana Campus’ Spring Soiree on April 28.

By Dan Jensen
An Alumni Association Citation Award for outstanding contributions to the development of the Augustana campus by a member of the community was presented to former Camrose mayor Norm Mayer at the Spring Soiree.

"When we reviewed the list of past recipients one name that wasn’t there yet but we quickly agreed needed to be there was that of Norm Mayer," said Augustana Dean Dr. Roger Epp, who made the presentation.

A former Camrose mayor, Mayer has had a long association with the Augustana campus.

"My own experience of Norm’s interest and his passion and his sense of the importance of what we do here comes from the year in which we were negotiating but also building political support for our incorporation into the University of Alberta," said Epp. "Over a period of months we hosted meetings with a series of cabinet ministers in cramped quarters. Unfailingly, Norm was there, showing the community support, and I also am sure, using his own informal channels of influence to make sure the deal got done."

Mayer also invited participation in the project that became the Edgeworth Centre, and according to Epp, "has been a source of good advice." In recent years, he has served the University of Alberta as a member of the Senate.

Mayer expressed his appreciation for the award by saying he did not see his involvement on behalf of Augustana as work.

"You have a passion to do something and you do it," he said. "You do the best that you can and you work for the best efforts through everyone’s efforts."

Mayer said he remembers two important things that came about as a result of the merger discussions.

"One is the university’s Augustana campus. I think that is one of the best things we could ever have in this community.

The second was the excellent decision and choice by everyone involved to have Roger Epp become acting dean of Augustana. I think he does a fantastic job of mixing the university culture with the community culture. He just brings out the best in everyone."

Mayer has been a resident of Camrose since 1963, the year he purchased Johnson Agencies, later to be renamed Central Agencies.

He served nine consecutive years as City of Camrose alderman between 1977 and 1986, and was mayor from 1989 to 2004.

The University of Alberta Senate is an independent body of diverse community leaders who work to examine, foster and celebrate the achievements and excellence of the University of Alberta, as well as create linkages internally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

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