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It was an afternoon filled with fun, knowledge, and an unusual visitor on campus September 23rd for Green Day.

It was an afternoon filled with fun, knowledge, and an unusual visitor on campus September 23rd when Augustana’s Green Campus Advisory Committee (GCAC) held its first Green Day event of the year.

The most popular part of the Green Day’s activities was Casey, a horse, whose presence was a creative way to raise attendance by a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff on campus. In support of the Battle River Watershed Alliance (BRWA), a bingo was held where participants could bet on where Casey would ‘fertilize the soil.’ Thanks to Sunny Boy Foods Ltd., Stoney Creek Natural Foods Buying Group, and The Lefsa House, great prize packages were won by Tyler Sehn, a fourth year psychology student and Yvonne Becker, Associate Professor of Physical Education.

Kaley Segboer, a fourth year Environmental Science student brought Casey, the 12-year old quarter horse gelding, for a show and tell on Green Day. She addressed many issues related to horses and ranching, including: the land use for recreation horses versus agricultural fields; meat horses that are exported from Canada; and, the sustainability of using work horses while farming.

Several student groups also participated in the event with booths: the Bike Share; Augustana Political Forum; Earthwise; Augustana’s Chapter of the Wildlife Society; and, the Bio Club. The Green Campus Advisory Committee also had a booth in the quad where it showcased upcoming events planned for the year.

In addition to Casey, another off-campus visitor participated in the activities. Dirk McCarroll, owner of Anchor J Ranch, was also on hand to talk with participants about life as a rancher.

Throughout the year, the committee will be holding events themed around a variety of environmental issues such as, energy, water, natural resources, and waste. The kick-off event was aptly called Equine Extravaganza!

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