Posted on February 17, 2010 by Dylan Anderson

Upgrades to the Xerox Copiers and the Firewall/Gateway hardware have been completed. For more details, please see below.

Good Morning.

Yesterday TLS performed upgrades on the Xerox Copiers and the internet gateways. Below are summaries on how these upgrades went:

1. Xerox Copiers – Accounting change to all copiers
The upgrade to the accounting software was implemented successfully with all user accounts now managed centrally, allowing access to all copiers on campus using your ID and group codes. Instructions on how to use the new system along with a list of group codes have been posted at every copier and TLS can be contacted at x1600 or at with any questions.

Unrelated to this upgrade, the P.S.O., Development, Science Extension and both North Hall Copiers were damaged as a result of a campus-wide power outage that occurred at 3:00AM. TLS was able to work with Xerox to repair the Development, Science Extension and both North Hall Copiers by 10:30AM. Xerox is scheduled to repair the Potential Students Office copier by the end of this week.

2. Firewall/Gateway hardware upgrade – Campus Wide Computing and Network Resource Outage
The upgrades performed to the Staff gateway and the server firewall were performed successfully within the scheduled outage window. There were problems with the student & public labs, as well as the classrooms gateway due to unforeseen configuration problems. This required a longer unplanned outage that lasted from 7:00-10:00AM. All affected systems were working and on-line by 10:00AM

Please contact the TLS Department at or x1600 (780-679-1600) if you have any questions related to this notice.


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