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We encourage all students to go to their first class before purchasing a course textbook: sometimes, the professor will suggest an earlier edition or other money-saving tips!

Residences open at 11 am on Sunday, September 2.

To help you get started with your new year at Augustana, please check out the attached documents:


Although some professors do post the textbook that they will use for a course online, the majority of the professors at Augustana will refrain from doing so.

We encourage all students to go to their first class before purchasing a course textbook, as sometimes an earlier edition will suffice. At other times, professors may inform you of another money-saving strategy for purchasing the required text.

Learning Strategies Workshop

On Saturday, September 15, the University of Alberta’s Student Success Centre will hold a day-long workshop on Augustana Campus. Discover practical time management, note-taking, reading and memory strategies that will help you study more effectively at university. Learn how to study for – and take – multiple-choice, short-answer and problem-solving exams.

Space is limited: students must register and pay the $100 session fee in advance. The session runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in H-090, First-Year Residence building. Register with the Student Services Office in 2-336 of the Faith & Life Centre or call 780-679-1163. If you have questions, please contact Petra Cegielny at 780-679-1562.

Your First Two Weeks… of Fun!

Augustana Campus holds a number of fun, exciting events and activities planned for students during the first two weeks of September. These range from the New Student Conference on Tuesday, September 4, and First Class Bash at the Norsemen to Mission: Impossible and a mandatory Music Conservatory meeting for all students taking lessons.

Don’t miss anything in your first two weeks of Augustana’s Fall 2012 semester! Download theĀ First Two Weeks 2012 – Schedule and watch Augustana’s homepage for updates.

See you in September!

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