Posted on January 14, 2014 by Tia Lalani

The Performing Arts Centre received a huge gift last week as Rob Hauser presented a cheque for $75,000.

Mayor Norm Mayer, Rob Hauser and Dean Allen Berger.

Mayor Norm Mayer, Rob Hauser and Dean Allen Berger.

On Tuesday, January 14, Rob Hauser of Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre in Camrose came by Augustana Campus with a big announcement – and an even bigger cheque.

“I’ve grown up in the community and have had opportunity to use the services and facilities here in Camrose,” says Rob. “What we really have to ask ourselves when we reach down deep is how can we give back to the community that sustains us and will create a better future. Here’s a fairly large project that really needs our support to become reality. And the smallest donations can really make a difference.”

“When you see the support from the county, from the city, from the university and from the province,” Rob continues, “when they all pull together, that really sends a strong statement about how much belief they have in the program, I think it’s pretty simple for me to get on board with that.”

The Performing Arts Centre in Camrose is a state of the art theatre, dance and music venue built as a partnership between the City of Camrose and the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus. Its construction meets international sustainability standards and its photovoltaic array – one of the biggest in Canada – will capture 142 Kilowatts of solar energy to feed back into the Alberta power grid.

The Performing Arts Centre will open in late spring 2014.

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