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After receiving nominations from you, this year’s Last Lecture will be delivered by music professor Dr. Alexander Carpenter. DATE CHANGED

10415-01-0972016 Last Lecture: Alex Carpenter
7:30pm Thursday, March 31
Mayer Room, Lougheed Centre
Reception to follow

After receiving nominations from you, this year’s Last Lecture will be delivered by music professor Dr. Alexander Carpenter. Save the date on Thursday, March 31 to hear his lecture, “There is no “Try”: Zen and the Art of Living and Learning (and Rocking!).”

“Our lives are the sum total of the choices we have made,” says Alex. “Our choices move us towards the most important knowledge we will gain – “enlightenment” of some kind – which can come to us at unexpected times, and in unexpected ways.”

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About Alex Carpenter

Alex Carpenter is a musician and music historian.

He received a BMus degree from Brock University, an MA in music criticism from McMaster University, and a PhD in historical musicology from the University of Toronto. His research focuses on three main areas: the music of Arnold Schoenberg, popular music, and the connections between music and psychoanalysis.

IMG_4972What you had to say

“He always makes funny comments and anecdotes that always somehow relate to the subject that we are learning in class. He is very enthusiastic and has loads of energy for 9 am class.”

“Dr. Carpenter always has great class discussions in every class that I have had with him. The discussions often lead away from music and into subjects like life, love and the purpose of so many things. Because of these discussions I have experienced over the last three years, I think he would be a great professor to give the Last Lecture.”

“All of the classes I have had with him are extremely interesting, and compelling. He speaks my language, and his ability to foster learning in the classroom is amazing. I think that he would give an incredible last lecture to Augustana.”

“He is hilarious!!”

You can register here. Please contact Trina Harrison with questions: 780-679-1105 or

About the Last Lecture Series: Inspiring Education

The Last Lecture Series asks a speaker to answer one question in the form of an engaging public lecture: “If this were your last time to address a group of students, what would you say to them?” This is an opportunity for a favourite Augustana faculty member to share his or her reflections beyond the bounds of syllabus in a fun, informal setting.

Last Lecture is a celebration of the incredible work done by U of A Augustana professors.

The concept of a Last Lecture became internationally recognized in 2007 with Dr. Randy Pausch, who gave his “Last Lecture” speech on September 18, 2007 at Carnegie Mellon.

The Augustana Alumni Office, in partnership with the ASA, hosts our own Last Lecture to give students and former students an opportunity to celebrate the instructors who have made their UAlberta Augustana education unique and outstanding.

The U of A’s Alumni Impact Survey found that when asked which U of A experience had the greatest impact on them, the overwhelming response was experience with faculty. This is both a response to that finding, and an opportunity to connect students with alumni around a shared appreciation for educational quality.

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