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Colour Night 2007-2008 was held on April 4th. Nils Lokken & Jessica Binder won Athletes of the Year.

Award recipients for 2007-2008

Athletes of the Year: Nils Lokken & Jessica Binder

Men’s Volleyball
Most Valuable: Jon McCorquindale
Most Improved: Steven Jeffery
Most Dedicated: TJ MacCarahan

Women’s Volleyball
Most Valuable: Melissa Woychyshyn
Most Improved: Catherine Altares

Most Dedicated: Kristin Harriman

Cross-Country Skiing
Most Valuable (Men): Nils Lokken

Most Valuable (Women): Sarah Murray
Most Improved (Men) Nils Lokken
Most Improved (Women): Sarah Murray

Men’s Basketball

Most Valuable: Mike McCorquindale
Most Improved: Bryn Petch
Most Dedicated: David Ness
Best Defensive: Brendin Huculak
Women’s Basketball
Most Valuable: Jessica Binder
Most Improved: Sara Chappell
Most Dedicated: Natasha Nagy

Best Defensive: Megan Hogendoorn

Most Valuable (Men): Kendall Warawa

Most Valuable (Women): Sayler Henitiuk
Most Improved (Men): Joshua Pratt
Most Improved (Women): Lindsay Reder
Charles Mortimer Award: Sayler Henitiuk

Cross Country Running

Most Valuable (Men): David Ball
Most Valuable (Women): Kathryn Stone
Most Improved (Men): David Arial
Most Improved (Women): Patricia Leighton
Most Valuable: Dustin Claffey
Most Improved: Neil Maisonneuve
Most Perisistent: Joel Jackson

Rookie of the Year: Steven Cavanagh

Most Valuable (Men): Nils Anderson

Most Valuable (Women): Alicia Hurley
Most Improved (Men): Connor Marsh
Most Improved (Women): Kathryn Stone, Anna Apel

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