Posted on May 23, 2008 by Tia Lalani

Kathleen Corcoran and Milton Schlosser to perform in Amsterdam

This evening, soprano Kathleen Corcoran and pianist Milton Schlosser will perform at Het Bethaniënklooster (Convent of Bethany) in Amsterdam. The Bethaniënklooster is a leading venue for chamber music in Holland.
The program, “Music of Our Time,” focuses on contemporary music that includes selections from Albertan and Canadian composers (many from the University of Alberta), as well as the world renowned Frederic Rzewski.
“The texts give a glimpse into Canada,” says Corcoran. “We highlight Canadian things, from the northern lights and winter to aboriginal culture.”
The program also reflects the personal connections Schlosser and Corcoran have with composers. “It’s a fun program for us because of the personal connections. It brings together a number of interests for us,” says Schlosser.
This will be the second time Corcoran has performed at Het Bethaniënklooster. “I sang there last year and was invited back. It’s great to be going back, especially performing as a duo with Milton.”
The two also hope to take the program to Japan next year.

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