Posted on May 22, 2008 by Tia Lalani

Augustana Dean, Dr. Roger Epp, visits Edson and Westlock

On May 15 & 16, the Dean traveled to Edson, Westlock, and surrounding communities as part of his Dean’s Tour.
The Dean’s Tour is an opportunity for Augustana to visit alumni, schools, and prospective students in their communities to learn what’s happening in their area. “It’s pretty unique for a Dean to go out and ask how we can help better serve our students past, present, and future. We met with guidance counsellors, principals, students, and all our applicants in the area. It’s a great way to say welcome to new students, and thank you for all the work you’re doing and your support, to the high school staff who help our future students prepare for their post-secondary careers,” said Darcy Smereka, Admissions Counsellor.
From formal presentations in schools to informal gatherings in local restaurants, the Dean got a chance to visit with interested families, students, and alumni.
For Alumni & Special Events Coordinator, Trina Harrison, the Dean’s Tour is an extension of several gatherings for alumni that have taken place over the past year.
“This is great opportunity to connect and reconnect with our alumni,” said Harrison, “It’s also a good way to connect our alumni with prospective students . . . for the students to hear from someone whose been here is great.”
Previous Dean’s Tours included visits to Yellowknife, Wainwright, Grande Prairie, and Cold Lake. The Dean will travel to Medicine Hat, Cochrane, and Strathmore in June.

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