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LeRoy Johnson received an Alumni Recognition Awards, and Erik J. Saude received an Alumni Horizon Award at the U of A’s Alumni Recognition Awards.

By Dan Jensen, Camrose Booster
LeRoy Johnson received an Alumni Recognition Awards, and Erik J. Saude received an Alumni Horizon Award at the University of Alberta’s Alumni Recognition Awards night at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton on September 18.
LeRoy Johnson
Johnson attended Camrose Lutheran College (now the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta) before receiving his Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. After teaching at Round Hill and New Norway, he accepted the position of principal of Camrose Lutheran College’s high school. Over the next three decades he would help revive CLC’s struggling hockey program and chair the successful Viking Cup International hockey tournament, which drew some of the best teams from across Canada, United States and Europe.
Johnson was Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Wetaskiwin-Camrose constituency from 1997 until last 2007. As well as
serving as chair of the Alberta Research Council and AADAC, and vice chair of the Alberta Science and Research Authority, he was a major player in the merger involving the University of Alberta and Augustana.
"I think the merger is something in which we can all take pride," said Johnson.
"When the top university in Canada moves into your constituency it moves you to a new level.
"It was a huge development because of what Augustana was facing."
Johnson was also instrumental in securing government funding for the development of a sport centre in Camrose to serve regional, community and university needs, a new library and student forum at Augustana, a new Queen Elizabeth School at Wetaskiwin, major facility developments for Bethany, a diagnostic services and cancer treatment centre at St. Mary’s Hospital, a new City Hall in Wetaskiwin, and new Fire Halls in Camrose and Wetaskiwin.
In July, 2007, Johnson went to Alaska, where he represented the Alberta Research Council at the Pacific Northwest Economic Region Conference. In November, 2006, he represented the provincial government at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Nairobi, Kenya.
Prior to his involvement in provincial politics, Johnson served on the Camrose School District 1315 board for six years and Camrose city council for five.
Johnson received the Premier Lougheed Alberta Achievement Award in 1975, the Augustana University College Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1975, the Chamber of Commerce Achievement Award for sports and culture in 1988, the Camrose Rotary Integrity Award in 1992, the CFRN TV Sports Award of Excellence in 1996, and the Hockey Alberta Centennial Award in

Erik Saude
Dr. Erik Saude completed a BSc in biology and chemistry at the Augustana campus of the University of Alberta in 2000, and obtained his PhD from the University of Alberta in 2007. For his PhD in biochemistry and his post doctoral fellowship in pediatrics (both at the University of Alberta), he is researching how Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy can be applied to medicine. He has been working at the U of A’s national High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre and was part of the formation of the U of A’s Magnetic Resonance Diagnostic Centre.
"The current diagnostic procedures are trying to identify alterations in the normal pulmonary physiology, for instance, how your lungs constrict during asthma attacks," explained Dr. Saude, who was the keynote speaker at a University of Alberta Roadtrip event at the Augustana campus February 19. "My research is trying to identify these changes before your lung tissue is already permanently changed."
Dr. Saude said the education he received at Augustana set the foundation for what he has since been able to accomplish.
"When you are working with NMR you have to have an understanding of organic chemistry and be able to identify compounds to know how those compounds correlate with the human body, then cellular biology. The understanding I gained here at Augustana helped me make the necessary transitions from seemingly quite distant disciplines to make a nice cohesive story that seems to make sense with the actual end result."
Talking to future and current University of Alberta students, Dr. Saude stressed the importance of getting an education that is well rounded.
"Don’t just be a science student who studies purely science," he said. "Play around and change your major and minor four or five times. The broad background is going to serve you well."

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