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On September 19th, the University of Alberta�s Augustana Campus unveiled its new language lab.

The unveiling of the new language lab featured a teleconference with Augustana students in Mexico.

On September 19th, the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus unveiled its new language lab. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment in digital recording and video conferencing, the new lab is one that has limitless possibilities.
The new lab began with professor of French, Valerie Fielding’s efforts to upgrade the existing language lab that used audio cassettes to one that utilized digital recording. “Cassettes are becoming obsolete and we had to upgrade. The new system allows students to practice and record their pronunciation, while professors can access those recordings through a special drive.”


With the support of Campus St. Jean, Augustana raised half the money to create the modernized lab. The other half was supplied through funding by the Federal Action Plan for Official Languages. The half-million project was built over four years with many months of work dedicated to installing and testing the equipment by Augustana’s Technology Learning Services.
The video conferencing equipment consists of two main units. The first is housed in the lab itself. The second is a mobile
unit that can be moved to any classroom on campus that has a special box. This allows greater freedom for classes to utilize the equipment.
And that is what Valerie Fielding wanted. “This lab really is for the entire campus. It can be used by music classes; it can be used to teach students who are overseas; it can be used by our students to connect to other classes without having to actually travel away from campus; it can also be used to hold meetings with people outside of Camrose, rather than flying there to meet in person.”

The lab features state-of-the-art digital and video conferencing equipment.

Two screens show the videoconferencing.

Valerie Fielding speaks at the unveiling of the language lab.

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