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This year, three new professors were added to Augustana’s faculty: Tara Milbrandt, Rebecca Purc-Stevenson, and Jeremy Sylvestre.

By Lindsay Yakimyshyn

There’s something new happening at Augustana Campus. Or rather, three new someones. This year, three new professors were added to Augustana’s faculty. Tara Milbrandt, Rebecca Purc-Stevenson, and Jeremy Sylvestre were all welcomed to Augustana.

Milbrandt, who comes to Augustana from Trent University, is engaged as a professor of Sociology. Purc-Stephenson is a Psychology professor, and has a diverse education background in the subject area. Sylvestre is Augustana’s new Mathematics professor.

Sylvestre, who did his graduate studies at the University of Toronto, values the benefits of a small campus. Coming to Augustana with an algebraic perspective on mathematics, he looks forward to sharing his ideas with the students, and appreciates the “active involvement in the learning process” that he discovered at Augustana.

There are great opportunities for the new professors to engage in the teaching and research process. They are encouraged to grow professionally while facilitating positive learning experiences for the students at Augustana. A faculty under the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus provides an ideal base for professorial research.

The small class sizes are not the only reason to enjoy teaching on the small campus. There is a camaraderie and respect among the faculty members. The departments are small, and, therefore, the professors’ are able to share their research with each other, as well as their students. Sylvestre says, “That’s part of the appeal of coming here, that you can have a lot of different interesting discussions with a wide array of different faculty.”

As they begin their first year at Augustana, the new professors demonstrate their commitment to the campus and its students. Recently, Purc-Stephenson and Sylvestre participated in an information session on the subject of graduate studies.

The faculty, staff, and students of Augustana faculty support the new faculty members and look forward to their continued contributions and success.

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