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Brimming with music, dance and food, Babette’s Feast is a play not to be missed.

By Lindsay Yakimyshyn

The theatre department is at it again. Rehearsals are in full swing for the fall production of Babette’s Feast. Director Paul “Sparky” Johnson has been busy auditioning, casting and rehearsing for the production, which is slated for a performance in Daysland in addition to the on-campus run.

A vibrant energy fills the space as the fifteen cast members rehearse a marketplace scene. An organic progression of the story is evident as the actors transform into their characters, skillfully guided by Johnson. The blocking and script emerge from an exploration of the text. Johnson side-coaches the actors, emphasizing the importance of communicating with each other and the audience.

The production, which is adapted from the Danish story by Isak Dinesen, focuses on Babette’s impact on the community of Jutland. Babette, who is from France, is taken in by two pious sisters and she becomes their cook. In alignment with Augustana’s theme “From Field to Fork,” food is central to the story of Babette’s Feast.

Cynthia Marks, who plays the title character, explains, “It’s a story about redemption.” Babette’s transformative experience is shared by the community within the play and by the audience. Marks notes that a “sense of unity and community” is established.

As always, audiences can expect to see Johnson’s creativity in the set and use of music. In addition to recorded music, Babette’s Feast will also feature live music, including a rendition of “Day by Day” by Andraea Sartison. Johnson also recruited choreographer Kelly Maxner to assist with a dream sequence in the production.

Opening night for the production is November 13th, and it runs until the 15th, and then from November 20-22 the following week. Showtime is 7:30 p.m.

Brimming with music, dance and food, Babette’s Feast is a play not to be missed.

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