Posted on November 20, 2008 by Tia Lalani

Have you ever wondered what food really means to you?

by Dylan McConnell

Have you ever wondered what food really means to you? I mean, besides what you think is tasty, or the fact that if you eat too much (often of the best kinds, especially) your arteries will shrink, your belly will grow, and you may meet a premature end because of it? I can tell you that I have not given my food a lot of thought, mostly because the food in front of me is usually gone before I have a chance to do anything more than choke on it. But I would like to change my ways. Perhaps there is more to that corn dog than its oblong shape, golden jacket and delicious center.

Rev. Craig Wentland has spent some time thinking on the matter, and will be letting us in on his findings in a special food-theme related colloquium. He has told me that “food is more than just fuel for our bodies… It connects us as human beings, and in more ways than just bringing people together around a dinner table. The food we eat connects us with the farmer who produced it, the people who packaged it, and with the grocery store where we picked it up.”

When asked how he would be presenting his thoughts on food, and the spiritual relevance thereof, Rev. Wentland said that he would “be sharing some of [his] memories on what food meant to him while growing up,” and how he can relate his food of today to faith, society and his everyday life.

So come get some food for thought. The colloquium will take place on November 24th in room C014, at 12:30.

And, since it will be lunchtime, some food for your belly will also be served!

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