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Feb 2-6, 2009 is International Week at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus.

by Kara Blizzard

The week of February second to sixth is going to be a busy one. It’s International Week at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus, and organizers Leslie Lindballe and Danielle Hachey, with help from various campus groups, have planned a full schedule of events. The Theme this year is Hungry for Change: A Balanced Diet.

Do you have what it takes to make the best ramen noodles? Monday night there is an Iron Chef-style cook-off, with Dean Roger Epp as the judge. If you’d rather eat food than make it, come to the cafeteria for an International lunch or dinner. Each meal features food from a different culture, prepared by members of campus clubs. More events include tobogganing, a Drumming Circle, Yoga, Tai Chi, a “Frock Swap,” and movie nights. The week will conclude with an EnCircle, which features drumming, song, and dance.

International Week is about more than fun events, though. Organizer Danielle Hachey said, “we wanted to make it fun, but also to let students know about things that are going on around the world.” Organizers and participants hope to raise awareness about world issues including poverty, child soldiers, and the use of water bottles. Each day focuses on a different universal need: Food & Water, Shelter & Safety, Spirit, Body & Health, and Belonging.

Throughout the week, speakers will share their experiences and insights into world issues. On Monday and Tuesday, Alyson Rowe from War Child Canada (WCC) will speak about the effects of war on children. WCC is a charity that raises awareness and support for children’s rights. On Tuesday, Augustana student Nhial Tiitmamer will talk about his experiences as a Sudanese refugee. Carmelle Mohr, another Augustana student, will make a presentation about her project, Sharing Christmas Presence. Carmelle spent Christmas Day delivering gifts in Vancouver’s Lower East Side community.

All week, the Walk for Darfur Club will have an IDP Camp set up in the Faith and Life Centre. Internally Displaced Persons are those who have fled their homes, but unlike refugees they remain in their own country. Each day there will be presentations and events, and anyone can pledge a student or a staff or faculty member to spend time in the IDP Camp.

If you are interested in attending any or all of these events, check out the full schedule for International Week:

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