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On January 25th, from 1-4pm in the Augustana gymnasium, ice cream, games, face-painting, ice cream, crafts, activities will be available!

by Dylan McConnell

The new winter term is now underway, which means that (among other things) the latest chapter in Augustana’s Rocky Road Ice Cream Fantasy is approaching. On January 25th, from 1-4pm in the Augustana gymnasium, ice cream, games, face-painting, ice cream, crafts, activities and more ice cream will be available to children, and the young at heart.

The Augustana Residence Life team has been putting on the event since 1993, teaming up with many community-based charities along the way. This year, Augustana Residence Life is working with the Camrose and District Boys and Girls Club to make the event bigger than it’s ever been.

The Augustana Alumni Association has also given a helping hand, graciously donating a “Moon Bounce” inflatable jungle-gym to the cause. It will surely be a raving success, given this year’s “space” theme.

Lauren Tollifson, resident Extra-Curricular Community Service Learning Coordinator, says that this year’s Rocky Road program has been well received by the community. “It has been a record-setting year in terms of the kind of sponsorship and donations we have taken-in from local businesses. It’s important to get that sort of participation in order to keep the program going, from one year to the next. Once businesses see what other businesses have done for programs such as this, they are more inclined to join in the fun. We appreciate any contribution these local businesses can provide, big or small.”

Although last year’s event was troubled by an unfortunate snow storm, Lauren and the rest of the Residence Life team hope to re-create the sort of momentum that started the event in the first place, so many years ago.

In addition to providing kids with a few hours of fun, the Rocky Road event is one of the biggest ways Augustana students reach out to the community they reside in, by putting in several hours of volunteer work, setting up, taking down and of course, playing with the youngsters who attend.

Although Rocky Road is a great event for all who take part, it also serves as a fundraiser, this year for the aforementioned Camrose and District Boys and Girls Club. Rees James, Executive Director of the Club says that they will be using any funding they receive towards their after-school, Torch and Keystone programs. “This way the funds directly benefit the kids ages 6-12, either through funding a nutritious snack, paying for an activity, buying program supplies, etc.” What sorts of programs does the Boys and Girls Club provide? James explains that one new program they will be adding is “Random Acts of Kindness – where we take a van load of kids into the community to rake leaves or shovel snow, etc. for unexpecting people.”

In order for fundraising to take place, a small sum of $3 per person will be taken as admission for the day, but one can rest assured knowing it will be a worthy investment. Food bank donations will also be accepted.

So come on out for an afternoon of fun with kids, Augustana students, candy, games and, naturally, lots and lots of ICE CREAM!

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