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On Sunday, January 18, ‘The Augustana Singers’ Spaghetti Soiree’ was held in downtown Camrose at Doughboy’s Restaurant.

By Lindsay Yakimyshyn

On Sunday, January 18, "The Augustana Singers’ Spaghetti Soiree" was held in downtown Camrose at Doughboy’s Restaurant.

The lunch and dinner were held as a fundraiser for the vocal performance degree students at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus. Vocal students Rebecca McIntosh, Mairi Irene McCormack, Marie Ault, Katie Kerr, Nick Sommer, Halley Bailey, and Lesley Jensen served over two hundred patrons at the dinner. Even Professor Kathleen Corcoran and Administrative Assistant for Fine Arts Valerie Bailey got in on the action, seating the patrons and helping out in the kitchen.

Not only did the students serve spaghetti dinners, but they also accompanied the meal with music. Performing a variety of musical styles, the students employed their strong vocal abilities. The song selections ranged from old standards to contemporary popular music, like “Don’t Know Why”. The students’ vocal talents were greatly appreciated by the crowd, and were demonstrative of the strength of the vocal performance degree program at Augustana Campus.

The proceeds of the fundraiser will be directed towards the New York City Tour, “Melodists take on the Met”, where the students will have the opportunity to take in numerous musical experiences, including four operas and a Julliard recital.

“The Augustana Spaghetti Soiree” was a successful event, both in terms of raising funds, and in offering voice students another chance to sing in front of an audience. The vocal performance degree program stresses the importance of performance experience, and provides opportunities for the students to become stronger vocal performers throughout the year.

Keep an eye out for some exciting upcoming fine arts events, including the vocal performance program’s annual Opera Night and the drama department’s adaptation of The Three Sisters.

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