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IMPORTANT – Notice – GroupWise testing during lunch hour

IMPORTANT – Notice – GroupWise testing during lunch hour
Directed to: All Academic and Non-academic Staff

When: TODAY, Wednesday March 18th @ 11:45 AM

Starting this morning at 11:45AM, TLS will be testing the GroupWise 
server in a new configuration. We need to test this configuration 
during working hours when email is actively being used. The server 
will be taken off line for a brief time at 11:45. New patches will 
be installed and the server restarted. If this change does not 
resolve the ongoing problem, there will be another disruption in 
service to restore the system to the earlier configuration.

This notice, has been posted on the Augustana Campus TLS Website:

Please contact the TLS Department at or x1600 
(679-1600) if you have any questions related to this notice.

Thank you,


Technology and Learning Services (TLS)
Augustana Faculty
University of Alberta

Helpline (Faculty):  x1600

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