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Notice – Information Only – About Conficker worm


Recently, there has been a lot of news attention about a new computer worm (Conficker worm) set to activate on April 1st, 2009.  There have been some inquiries by Augustana staff about how to protect their computers from this new worm.  TLS has already taken steps to prevent infection and mitigate the effects of this worm on University computers. TLS would also like to provide the following information to assist individuals with their home or personal computers:

1)  During October 2008, Microsoft released a patch to fix the bug in Windows that this worm is exploiting.  Keeping your Windows computer patched with Windows Update ensures you will not be affected by this worm.  Information about this Microsoft patch can be found at To ensure that your computers patches are up to date please run the Windows Update tool included with Windows.

2)  Major anti-virus vendors have recently updated their software to scan for and remove this worm.  Please make sure your anti-virus programs are up to date with the latest definitions and run a full system scan.  Should you need an anti-virus program, the University of Alberta AICT department provides all staff and students access to F-Secure anti-virus (valid CCID required for download).  This program can be used for free on your home or personal Windows computers and can be obtained by visiting

A FAQ page provided by F-Secure regarding this worm is available for viewing at

Please contact the TLS Department at or x1600 (780.679.1600) if you have any questions related to this notice.

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Technology and Learning Services (TLS)
Augustana Faculty
University of Alberta

Helpline (Faculty):  x1600

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