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Another semester has begun, and there are lots of new faces at Augustana.

by Kara Blizzard

Another semester has begun, and there are lots of new faces at Augustana. Some of the new students are from Camrose, others drove a few hours to get here, and still others traveled by plane to study at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus.

Holly Chappell, a first year student from Outlook, Saskatchewan, chose Augustana for a few reasons. “It has a really good music program,” says Holly, who is taking a Bachelor of Arts with a major in music and a minor in drama. Her main instrument is her voice but she is also looking forward to piano lessons. Although she is unsure of her career goals, Holly is interested in musical theatre. Another reason that Holly picked Augustana was for its location and size. Coming from a small town, the city of Camrose seemed welcoming. It probably doesn’t hurt that all three of her older sisters have also attended Augustana.

Another first year student is Joey Bliska from Grimshaw, Alberta who is taking a Bachelor of Science with a math and physics major and a drama minor. When asked about his diverse interests, Joey says, “I love math and physics too much not to learn more, and I want to be an actor.” He has acted in several plays in the Grimshaw and Peace River communities, many of which have been musicals. Joey knew he wanted to go to the University of Alberta, and he talked to an Augustana Admissions Counsellor at a career fair. Augustana’s community-oriented campus and U of A affiliation influenced his decision to come here.

Both Joey and Holly have already participated in some campus events. Holly has played Mission Impossible, tie-dyed a shirt, gone bowling, and tried her hand at the annual Bigger & Better Scavenger Hunt. After going door-to-door asking homeowners to trade items, Holly’s Bigger & Better team gained a rusty wheelbarrow full of treasures including old steel-toed boots.

Joey ended up with a foosball table from the scavenger hunt. He has spent the past few days preparing for school and getting to know his floormates. “Everyone on our floor is already so close,” he said. Right now, Joey is embracing the free time he has before homework starts piling up.

Good luck to Holly, Joey, and all of the other Augustana students this semester.

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