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Managing�homework�and�playing�on�a�sports�team�is�a�difficult�task�for�any student. Andrew Brisbin, however, is used to it.

Andrew BrisbinHeight: 5’10"
Year: 2
Hometown: Saskatoon
High School: Marion M Graham Collegiate
Favourite Sports Movie: Breaking Away
Favourite Athlete: Chandra Crawford
Degree: History major

Managing homework and playing on a sports team is a difficult task for any college student.  Managing homework and playing on two sports teams might seem impossible to some.  Andrew Brisbin however, is used to it.  Brisbin, a second year history major, will compete once again with the Vikings cross-country running and cross-country skiing teams.  Despite the commitment it takes to compete, Brisbin has simply enjoyed the ride so far.

"It’s been great," says Brisbin, "the teams are close, campus life is fun, and I get to e in pretty good shape."

Hailing from Saskatoon, Brisbin says most of his friends’ headed off to larger schools, but he had other plans.

"I had heard good things about Augustana and I wanted to go somewhere that had small class sizes," says Brisbin, "having the opportunity to compete with both cross-country teams cemented it for me since I’ve always loved running and skiing."

And he’ll be utilizing that passion for the sport this weekend as the Vikings cross-country running teams will compete for the provincial championship in Red Deer.

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