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Tamara ArmstrongTrivia:

  • Hometown: Leduc
  • Height: 5’9
  • Position: Leftside
  • Year of study: third
  • Degree: Bachelor of Management
  • Sports background: Grew up involved in several sports, particularly in hockey and ringette, in the 8 grade she finally gave in to her coach’s pleadings for her to join the volleyball team.
  • On the difference between this team and last year: Being a veteran is a fun change. It’s nice to see the experience and composure from the veteran’s combine with the tenacity and energy of the rookies.
  • On the campus and city: Love the campus and city. Living on campus is the best way to meet people and this campus is particularly great. It’s also great that the community takes an active interest in the school.
  • Personal goal: to provide motivation and support for all the girls and to be a good captain.
  • Team goal: Win ACAL and Western’s.
  • Favorite sports movie: Remember the Titans, because the history and the story of perseverance.
  • Plans for Future: Immediate, take management or marketing position with a WHL or AJHL hockey team. Eventually, would like to attain same position with either Hockey Canada or IIHF.
  • Favorite athlete: Hayley Wickenheiser, for keeping humble roots, showing patriotism, and persevering through tough times.
  • Pregame routine: Don’t eat much, just some fruit, and play music and focus.
  • Playing style: Gritty, work hard on defence, make shots to get kills, tool blocks.
  • Thoughts on ACAC next year: excited

As the prospect of competing in the ACAC next year looms over the Vikings women’s volleyball team, Tamara Armstrong can’t wait.“I’m excited for next year,” says the third year outside hitter, “it will be nice to compete against good teams every night instead of once or twice a year.”

Hailing from Leduc, Alberta, Tamara was involved in competitive sports throughout her childhood, but back then, if someone said she would one day play college volleyball, she would probably have scoffed at the idea.

“I played hockey and ringette growing up,” says the 5’9 Armstrong, “and I thought volley ball was lame, but I gave in to my 8th grade coach’s badgering and gave the sport a try. I was fairly successful thanks to my height, and I fell in love with it.”

Volleyball, and the opportunity to attain a degree in Management, has led her to the Vikings, were she has been a consistent performer and dependable leader for the program, leading to her new responsibility as captain.

“I haven’t found it to be a big change from last year,” says Armstrong, “outside the court I was already an organizer last year. The most important thing this year is to provide constant support and motivation to my teammates and do my part on the court.” And on the court she has not disappointed, as evidenced in the women’s home opener against the Concordia Thunder, where she helped the team to a 3-1 victory through spectacular serving and consistent back row play while chipping in on offense with 12 kills.

Armstrong is enrolled in Bachelor of Management and hopes to eventually get a management/marketing position with a hockey federation.

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