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First year students Brittnee Kegler and Elizabeth Clarke received the Dean’s Citation Award and the President’s Citation Award, respectively.

By Robin Galenza
Two Augustana Campus first year students were the recipients of some competitive and prestigious awards this school year. Brittnee Kegler and Elizabeth Clarke won the Dean’s Citation Award and the President’s Citation Award, respectively.

The Dean’s and President’s Citation are awarded for academic excellence through grades 10, 11 and 12. The awards last for four years, which means that both Brittnee and Elizabeth will receive funding throughout their entire under-graduate education if they are able to keep high academic standing.

Brittnee Kegler is a Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in Biology with a minor in Music. Brittnee is from Leduc originally, so she picked Augustana because of its small and intimate campus. "I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve met a lot of people. The class size is not huge, and the professors are really open to students.” Brittnee is thrilled she received the award because it really helps with the cost of schooling. As to what her future holds, she is still uncertain but is entertaining the idea of pharmacy.

Elizabeth Clarke is following her passion for the piano and is enrolled as a Bachelor of Music student, and she has a minor in Chemistry. Elizabeth’s hometown is Fort McMurray and she picked Augustana because of its campus size as well. “My classes in high school were pretty small, so I didn’t want the shock of huge classes,” she explains. When Elizabeth heard she was the recipient of such a competitive award she was happy; “I worked really hard in high school, so it is really great to see that pay off.”

Both students have a love of music and auditioned this year for the choir, and not surprisingly considering their talents, they both made it onto the Augustana choir.

Dean Roger Epp is pleased that two of Augustana’s students received such distinguished awards. “These are very competitive superior scholastic achievements” he explains. “The President’s Citation is a significant achievement. The difference between superior and very good is very small decimal points.”

The fact that Augustana Campus is home to both students is something to be proud of, he adds.

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