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Kara Blizzard discusses the U of A’s Nuclear Power Forum, live via webcast from Edmonton.

By Kara Blizzard –

The discussion of nuclear power in Alberta has led to many opposing opinions: it is difficult to know who and what to believe. The U of A’s Environmental Research and Studies Centre (ERSC) recognizes this issue. On January 31st, it will present a nuclear power forum where professors will share research that they have done on the pros and cons of nuclear power as an energy source. The presentations will be followed by a public discussion.

Augustana staff and students don’t have to worry about finding a way to Edmonton in order to participate in the forum: it will be webcasted live to our campus. Candice Tremblay, Sustainability Coordinator at Augustana, pointed out that the webcast fits well with the campus’s efforts to be green: staying in Camrose will result in “less of an ecological footprint” than driving to Edmonton. If all goes well in terms of technology, forum participants at Augustana will be able to ask questions and make comments.

Professor Glen Hvenegaard is on the board of directors for ERSC, and he suggested that the nuclear power forum is a good way to strengthen the link between Augustana and the U of A’s north campus. He also stressed the importance of the issue at hand: “We need to participate in critical discussions like this. If Alberta wants to make a move on nuclear power, all Albertans should be a part of the discussion, including Augustana students.”

Three U of A professors will present papers concerning the technical, economic, and social feasibility of nuclear power in Alberta. Tremblay said that the issue of nuclear power is “always being talked about in the media, and trying to decide what’s the truth and what you believe in—sometimes you need some assistance. So hopefully this event can help with that.”

The webcast will take place in the Augustana Language Lab, H080, from 1-5 p.m. on January 31st.

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