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Augustana students will present their directed readings, independent projects and CSL initiatives around campus.

Every semester the Augustana Campus, University of Alberta highlights the research of students who have been involved in directed reading courses and various research projects. Directed readings give senior students the opportunity to research a topic of personal interest under the mentorship of a faculty member. On Tuesday April 6th, 2010, students across multiple disciplines, covering diverse topics, will showcase the culmination of their research at the Student Academic Conference (SAC). Expect dynamic presentations from disciplines such as; Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Sciences, and Psychology.

Another exciting endeavour Augustana has embraced is Community Service-Learning (CSL). By engaging with the community, the importance of research and debates in the academic world become clear. The community values the knowledge and skills gained through university studies. Moreover, the work done in CSL courses contribute to community goals. By getting out of the classroom and volunteering, students and community members share in the learning process through various projects and organizations such as; the Municipal Sustainability Plan, Camrose Open Door, Strome School, Chester Ronning School, Children’s Health and Mentorship Program (CHAMP), among many others.

The Augustana Campus, University of Alberta cordially invites you to join us on Tuesday April 6th from 6:00 – 9:30 P.M. to choose between over 80 presentations across campus ranging from “Kierkegaard’s Concept of Spirituality” to “Life under the ice: the effects of beaver activities on water chemistry, aquatic habitats, and ice-bound animals during times of drought”.

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