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Kara Blizzard gets a sneak preview of Augustana’s Student Art Show and Sale on March 5 & 6, 2010.

By Kara Blizzard –

This year’s Student Art Show at the Augustana Campus will be a new and exciting experience for everyone involved.

Organizer Carly Nichols has been working with fellow students to expand the exhibition from previous years: in addition to displaying their works, art students will hold a button sale, a silent auction, and a raffle. Students and faculty members, including Augustana’s Dean Dr. Roger Epp, have created postcard-sized paintings and drawings for the auction. Money raised during the art show will go to the Visiting Artist Fund, which helps to bring guest instructors to studio classes.

Another innovation for this year’s show is that many student works will have prices on them. Guests will have the opportunity to buy works that they like. Carly said, “We’re opening up the doors so students can learn what a [commercial] exhibition is about. If somebody does want to buy a piece, they won’t have to hesitate.”

Augustana’s art students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. They pursue art while also taking courses in disciplines like sociology, psychology, English, and physics. Puneet Toor is a psychology major with an art minor, and she values the opportunity that Augustana has given her to explore her interest in art. “As different as psychology and art are, they kind of go hand in hand,” said Puneet. “I discovered that I’m a visual learner through my art courses. I understand how I memorize a little better, and it has helped me in lecture classes. I always find that my semesters are more successful when I have an art class: it’s a nice way of articulating yourself and looking at things differently.”

Puneet looks forward to participating in the exhibition. “It’s interesting to see someone else’s view on an object,” she said. “Every painting has some sort of characteristic of the person who paints it. You get to learn the individual and their background based on what they do. I think that’s what really drew me into the art show.”

The Augustana Art Show will take place in the auxiliary building (A030) on Friday and Saturday, March 5th and 6th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

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