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Chantelle Olson discusses the last 2009/10 Preview Day with admissions counsellor Lyndsay Sprado and potential students.

By Chantelle Olson –

If you were on campus March 5th, you may have noticed unfamiliar faces wandering the halls and sidewalks. Potential students and their families were here to experience a day in the life of Augustana. The Faith and Life Lounge was a swarm of activity, dominated by displays featuring the various programs our school offers.

The day began with an opportunity for prospective students to meet professors and faculty from every department and to ask any questions they might have. “It’s a great opportunity for parents, prospective students and applicants to learn about the specific areas they are interested in,” remarks admissions counsellor Lyndsay Sprado, who helped plan the event. “We are the only Faculty of the U of A to hold a separate ‘open house’ which actually involved our faculty,” she adds. “I think that says something BIG about the support that our professors give to our recruitment efforts.”

After familiarizing themselves with the programs and courses featured at Augustana, prospective students and their parents were given the choice to either experience a real university class for themselves or find out about the programs that make Augustana unique. Attendees were treated to lunch at the cafeteria, as well as a tour of the campus led by members of the Augustana Ambassadors. They also got a peek at the Student Art Show and Sale, which was on display in the art studios all day Friday.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was the Current Student Panel, where Augustana students took time out of their busy days to supply honest answers to any questions that parents and prospective students might have. “They discuss things like what to bring to residence, is a car necessary, the importance of applying for scholarships, etc.” explained Sprado. “The students always impress me with their responses, and they are always honest, which is very important!”

In search of a prospective student’s thoughts about Preview Day, I spoke with Anna and her parents, who ventured out from Ponoka to attend the event. They were very enthusiastic about the day’s activities. Mom was pleased to have her questions answered by staff and students, while Dad was thoroughly impressed with the campus, the buildings and the proximity of everything. Anna herself has already applied for acceptance and is looking forward to attending Augustana in September.

Friday constituted the last Preview Day of the 2009-2010 academic year, and I feel congratulations are in order. So congratulations to the Admissions staff, the Augustana Ambassadors and all who helped organize these events, on an incredibly successful year.

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