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Information Only – STRAUSS/GroupWise/Email/Webmail Server Outage

Information Only – STRAUSS/GroupWise/Email/Webmail Server Outage
Wednesday 17th March 2010, 23:00 -> Thursday 18th March 07:30

Update: The move of STRAUSS was completed successfully by 05:52 on 18th March 2010. Messages held for delivery by the backup system will be delivered to your mailbox by 0700.

On 17th March 2010, Technology and Learning Services staff will be moving STRAUSS to new storage hardware. This will require that the server be shut down for a period of up to 8 hours and 30 minutes. During this time, staff will not have any access to Groupwise, Email (via IMAP/POP), or Webmail.

All incoming mail messages will be queued for delivery on a backup system, and will be delivered shortly after the outage is concluded.

To help TLS accomplish this move in a timely fashion, please close the GroupWise application on your workstation at the conclusion of your work day on Wednesday, 17th March.

Please contact the TLS department if you have any questions related to this notice.
Help Desk: 780-679-1600

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