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Christopher Thrall watches Global TV interview Augustanians on the ‘From Field to Fork’ initiative.

By Christopher Thrall –

Reporter Erin Chalmers and cameraman Geoff Stickle of Global Edmonton visited the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus in Camrose today to follow up on our “From Field to Fork” local food initiative. Promotional ads ran in the Edmonton Journal over the weekend, and they promoted the upcoming story during the Sunday newscast as well.

Erin and Geoff met Director of Student and Resident Services Mark Chytracek, who introduced them to Lilas Bielopotocky, Food Services Supervisor. They interviewed Lilas and watched her hand-cut French fries for the day’s local food lunch.

Next, they spoke with Dean Roger Epp about the initiative. “We have to see this not as a fad,” said Dean Epp, “but as a way to shift the balance in the food chain.”

Finally, along with a number of shots of Augustana students enjoying the homemade burgers, Maggie’s buns and cucumber salad, Erin and Geoff spoke to students Paul Kolida and Britnee Kegler. You may be able to view the story by going to the Global Edmonton video site. Click on Global Edmonton Stories and pick “Field to fork”.

The story has received a lot of attention since it was published on Augustana’s website earlier this month. It has run in the University of Alberta’s Folio magazine, as well as the Camrose Booster. You can read the original story here.

Our thanks to everyone who has covered this terrific story, and we welcome anyone else who is interested in finding out more about “From Field to Fork” at Augustana’s cafeteria.

Update: The segment ran in brief on Global News at 5 p.m., and the full story aired on both the 6 o’clock news and the closing story on the 11 o’clock News! Global Edmonton ran the story again on Tuesday afternoon.

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