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Augustana hosts a second mini-conference with partner institution Telemark University College in Bo, Norway, from October 11-13.

In the late 1970s, Canadian geographer Louis-Edmond Hamelin coined the term “nordicity” to describe the degrees of northerness of high-latitude regions. A decade later, novelist Rudy Wiebe, using Hamelin’s terminology, wondered why Canadians “have so little comprehension of [their] nordicity.”

October 12-13, 2010: Nordicity in Thought and Practice
A mini-conference with Telemark University College, Bø Campus, Telemark, Norway

October 12 – Tuesday

Opening – Welcome and Introductions – Dean Roger Epp (chapel)

Keynote Address and Discussion – Rudy Wiebe, award-winning Canadian novelist (chapel)
“North is from Wherever You are Looking”

Break / Refreshments / Book Signing

Meetings for the rest of the day will be held in the new boardroom.

“Thought in a Cold Climate” – Janet Wesselius
“Norden & the North; Nordicity and Northicity: A Discussion of Terms” – Peter Fjågesund

“Vivre l’hiver: Living in Winter and Living Winter” – Jerome Melancon

“Bridging the Gap: Indigenous Knowledge of a Northern Ecology” – Glynnis Hood
“The Invention and Diffusion of Skiing and Canoeing as Leisure Activity: A Comparative Study of Norwegian Skiing and Canadian Canoeing” – André Horgen
“Canada and Norden – Comparisons in Terms of Natural Environment” – Arvid Odland

“A Student in Telemark: Small Country, Big Dreams” – Jannicke Døvre
“Teaching Regional Geography for the Canadian North: Adding Value to the Learning Experience” – Glen Hvenegaard and Morten Asfeldt

Fine Arts Showcase Event – Chapel
Paul Johnson – “Henrik Ibsen on the Necessity of Producing Norwegian Drama” (John Palmer)
Julian Forrest – “The Wild North: Migrant Populations and the Arts”
Keith Harder – “Tempus Fugit: A Vanitas for Our Times”
Milton Schlosser and Kathleen Corcoran – “Songs of the North”

October 13 – Wednesday

Address by Ambassador Else Berit Eikeland (Introduction by Dean Roger Epp) (chapel)

Meetings for the rest of the day will be held in the new boardroom.

“The Canadian Circumpolar Institute’s Nordic and Scandinavian Connections” – Marianne Douglas, Director, CCI

“The Construction of Childhoods in Norway and Canada: A Historical Approach” – Ellen Schrumpf
“The Religious Roots of ‘Nordicity’ in the Nordic Countries of Europe” – Nils Ivar Agøy

A special thanks to the Canadian Institute for Nordic Studies (CINS), The Office of the Dean, Augustana and The Vice-President Research University Conference Fund for providing funding for this event.

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