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This year’s theme at Augustana is our Centenary: join our professors in talks about our anniversary and their research areas.

The Augustana Research Committee is proud to announce the schedule for its first Faculty Colloquium Series. Talks/Presentations in the Series will occur on the last Monday of September to October and January to March during the 12:30 to 2:05 p.m. time slot. Generally, two talks/presentations are slated for each Monday, each taking about 30 minutes followed by about 10 minutes for questions, with a 5 or 10 minute break between (so the second one will generally start at about 1:20 p.m. if you can only make it to that one).

All talks/presentations will be in the bright new classroom, C101. Refreshments will be served. Please mark these events on your calendar. Download the PDF of this announcement!

Monday, SEPTEMBER 27

Dr. James Kariuki and Dr. Michael Mucz
Electrochemical Comparison of Vitamin C Content of Organic and Non-Organic Fruits

Dr. Michael Mucz
Ukrainian Settlement of Agricultural Lands in Western Canada

Monday, OCTOBER 25

Dr. Jason Goertzen, Kailyn Jones, and Katharine Stabb
Investigating senior undergraduate students’ perceptions of Civic and Political Engagement (CPE)

Prof. Craig Wentland
Augustana at 100: More Lutheran than Ever?

Monday, NOVEMBER 29

Dr. Glynnis Hood
Potential effects of industrial water withdrawals on semi-aquatic mammals of the lower Athabasca River

Dr. Roxanne Harde and Dr. Ric Johnson
Good Old Boys, American Cultural Studies, and the Smithsonian Folkways

Monday, JANUARY 31

Dr. Alex Carpenter
Sounds and Images of the Grotesque in Popular Music: From Glam to Goth to Gaga

Dr. Stacy Lorenz and Dr. Geraint Osborne
“It Was Not a Rough Match, Yet McCourt Was Killed”: Hockey Violence and the 1907 Manslaughter Trial
of Charles Masson

Monday, FEBRUARY 28

Dr. Ingrid Urberg
Stieg Larsson and Company: The New Scandinavian Crime Fiction Wave

Dr. Tomislav Terzin
Comparative analysis of the evolution of butterfly wing patterns

Monday, MARCH 28

Dr. Jérôme Melançon, Dr. Janet Wesselius, and Dr. Philip Merklinger
Philosophy in Canada: Explorations (double time slot)

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Research Committee: Julian Forrest, Bill Hackborn, Roxanne Harde, Melanie Methot,

Tim Parker or Jack Waschenfelder.

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