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Returning students, staff and faculty might be wondering where everything went! Decipher the changes with this easy list.

There have been some big changes at Augustana over the summer! The Student Forum was completed and the second-floor Library offices are nearly finished, which means that many faculty, staff and administrative offices are in new locations.

Please consult this list to find out where everyone went. Moves in italics were complete as of September 1, 2010, and the rest are scheduled as construction projects are completed. Click here to download this information.

Building Codes
Auxiliary Building: A
Classroom Building and Science Extension: C
Convocation Centre: G
Faith & Life Centre: F&L
Forum: F
Hoyme (First Year Complex): H
Library: L
Founders’ Hall: M
North Hall: N

Academic Advisors: 1st Floor Forum (temporarily in C112)
Bookstore: Main Floor Forum
Dean’s Office: 2nd Floor Forum
Finance Office: 2nd Floor Forum
Students’ Association: 1st Floor Forum
Technology & Learning Services: 1st Floor Forum

Faculty From To Staff & Admin From To
Asfeldt, Morten N116 F&L2-307 Agrey, Laura F&L029 F1-030C*
Becker, Yvonne G310 L2-143   (temporarily in C108)  
Blokland, Ian N215 F&L2-310 Anderson, Dylan C171 F1-086
Brown, Charlene NHall F&L1-335F Andreassen, Dana M208 F2-081
Carpenter, Alex N119 F&L1-335E Bailey, Val N107 F&L1-335C
Corcoran, Kathleen N120 F&L1-335B Bossman, Karen M112 F2-096
Fordham, Kim N114 L2-147 Brennan, Robert H147 F1-085
Goa, David M310 L2-132 Cheah, Li-Kwong M113 F2-095
Goertzen, Jason N213 M310 Day, Shane G006 F1-080
Haave, Neil C151 C155 Desrochers, Martine H147 F2-071
Harde, Roxanne N206 M311 Dey Twomey, Tricia F&L029 F1-030A*
Harder, Keith A030 L2-156   (temporarily in C107)  
Harland, Paul N205 M220 Dufresne, Paula N106 L2-149
Hatt, Kierstin N105 H150 Epp, Roger M204 F2-076
Hood, Glynnis N204 F&L2-300 Falk, Mary-Anne M203 F2-074
Hvenegaard, Glen N113 M223 Guest, Shirley M202 F2-060
Kell, Robert N214 M209 Hallstrom, Lars C111 L2-134
Link, Anne-Marie A029 L2-144 Harder, Marilyn M206 F2-060
Lorenz, Stacy G114 F&L2-312 Johnson, Ric M213 F2-084
Lotz, Gerhard N216 C171 Keay, Devin C114 L2-104
Merklinger, Phil N220 M215 Larson, Lois N023 L2-154
Milbrandt, Roger N218 M225 Lindberg, Joan N002 L2-155
Mirejovski, Petr N219 M213 Ludwig, Arlo G006 F1-082
Mohr, Jonathan N104 L2-152 Matear, Lynda M112 F2-094
Moore, Sean N111 L2-141 Person, Carmen F&L029 F1-030D*
Mouat, Jeremy N117 L2-151   (temporarily in C112)  
Osborne, Geraint N211 F&L2-305 Renman, Denise G006 F1-072
Palo, Rani N217 M221 Richardson, Linda M205 F2-080
Prest, Harry M209 F2-070 Richardson, Deidrie M206 F2-097
Purc-Stephenson, Rebecca N112 M201 Rinn, Jocelyne M207 F2-073
Rein, Sandra N207 H154 Ross, Sarah M213 F2-080
Rempel, Brian N212 F&L2-308 Rott, Travis M030 F1-084
Ries, Ardelle N004 F&L1-335D Ryder, Josh G006 F1-070
Schlosser, Milton N005 F&L1-335A Scheilke, Debbie F&L028 F1-030B*
Snydmiller, Gary G118 F&L2-306   (temporarily in C109)  
Sylvestre, Jeremy N102 M219 Skaret, Dale M112 F2-098
Urberg, Ingrid N203 H152 Skretting, Nathan G006 F1-074
Waschenfelder, Jack N115 M224 Thrall, Christopher C171 M106
Wilton, Shauna N202 L2-146 Vowles, Jennifer M040 F1-087
      Warren-vanArragon, Rebecca M310 L2-104
      Williams, Norma N118 L1-150
      Zarski, Chris C151 C111
      Zheng, George M040 F1-080

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