Posted on October 4, 2010 by Tia Lalani

Check a Human Book out of the augustana human library for an hour of conversation that will last a lifetime.

Ever wondered what it is like to be a Hutterite living in Canada? Or, perhaps you feel strongly about AIDS/HIV? Topics like these, and many others, may be explored by checking a Human Book out of the Augustana human library.

A Human Library is an initiative in which people, (called ‘Readers’) who want to learn about a specific topic ‘check out’ people, (called ‘Human Books’) whose life experiences embody that topic for an hour of conversation.

Open to Augustana students, staff and faculty, and the public. Bring picture ID to the Augustana Campus Library service desk to ‘check out’ the Human Books of your choice.

Monday 6-9:30 pm, Tuesday 2-5 pm, Wednesday 6-9:30 pm
OCTOBER 4 to 6, 2010

The exact schedule of each Human Book will be posted prior to the augustana human library or call 780.679.1156 for information.

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