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Chantelle Olson speaks to Chantelle Mohr about the Score! free-cycling event at Augustana on October 19.

By Chantelle Olson

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure: thrift stores and garage sales are the method of choice for disposing much of the unwanted stuff in our lives. But what would a garage sale on a community scale look like?

Score! is a free-cycling event – a giant indoor swap meet – and everyone is invited!

On Tuesday afternoon, October 19, the new Student Forum will be full of “trash” – treasures waiting to be claimed. Pre-owned furniture, clothing, dishes, blankets, shoes, and other household items will be available. Anyone who wants to can Score! a new pair of jeans, a new CD rack, or maybe a gently used coat.

Drop off your unwanted goods in the main entrance of the Augustana Forum on October 18 and come back for a community party the following day. The exchange of clothing, furniture and other household items is a very eco-friendly way to refresh your closet, living room, or kitchen. It takes about 1000 gallons of water to make a cotton t-shirt, so giving it the longest life possible is the best choice you can make for the environment. Local musicians, bike-powered energy and a fashion show are just three reasons why you don’t want to miss Score!.

Score! is the brainchild of four amazing women in New York who saw a need in their community and decided to take ‘free-cycling’ to a whole new level. The giant swap meet is now held annually in that city. Carmelle Mohr decided to launch an Augustana version of Score! while brainstorming fundraising ideas for Christmas Presence, the outreach project she started two winters ago.

“I like the idea of Score!,” said Carmelle, “because it ties into the spirit of Christmas Presence. The people of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside have minimal necessities: they are experiencing extreme poverty right here in Canada. My project tries to bring these people some of the necessities they lack – toiletries, warm clothing and homemade cookies on Christmas Day – but ultimately, the project tries to bring a loving presence to those on the streets on Christmas Day.” A free-cycling event like Score! emphasizes the fact that many of us in Camrose have much. Our extra stuff just needs to be redistributed, given to those who can make use of it.

Tuesday’s event will be the first ever Score! event in Canada. Carmelle Mohr centered the event around the concept that, “if you can’t use it, someone else in your community probably can”. A third-year Global Development Studies student at the University of Alberta’s Augustana, Carmelle is a passionate young lady with a knack for seeing a need and filling it. Candice Tremblay, Sustainability Coordinator at Augustana, is promoting Score! as a part of Sustainability Week on campus, October 18-22.

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