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Laurie Callsen of the Camrose Canadian describes this semester’s Student Academic Conference on December 6, 2010.

By Laurie Callsen –

Augustana students showed off their research during a student academic conference on Dec. 6. The following are two of 25 projects that were presented across campus.

"Peter Pan, basketball, popcorn and residence bring about disability awareness" – Amy Schumaker

Schumaker partnered with the post-secondary inclusive program and the Augustana resident life staff to create a mentorship program that would build bridges between disabled people in the Camrose community and the university. Schumaker worked with two women to create some programming to make them feel like they are a part of the community.

One way she did this was by giving the women keys to their own mailboxes, just like the residents had.

"Giving them mailbox keys was the most amazing thing. Their faces lit up and they felt like part of the community, because they had this key that all the other residents were able to have."

She said that she has seen changes in the women through the mentorship program.

"The girls have come out of their shell and started talking to other residents and other RAs (resident assistants). It’s been pretty effective."

"Camrose County Environmental Needs Assessment" – Shelby Sherwick

For three weeks this September, Sherwick conducted a Camrose County Environmental Needs Assessment, talking to producers in the county about what their environment concerns were.

Source: Camrose Canadian/Sun Media

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