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Nhial Tiitmamer describes the subject of his upcoming talk, sharing the stage with Mading Ngor, a Calgary journalist originally from Sudan.

By Nhial Tiitmamer –

South Sudan is poised to become the world’s newest state, following a week-long independence referendum which was concluded on Saturday, January 15, 2011.

Sudan has been in war with itself for over 40 years, marked by three civil wars (First Civil War 1955-1972, Second Civil War 1983-2005 and Darfur War 2003-present) which have claimed the lives of millions of people and displaced millions. The referendum was part of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement or CPA, which ended 21 years of civil war between the North and South. The agreement gave the people of South Sudan a right to self-determination which has just been exercised. Preliminary results seen in the media so far show that the South has overwhelmingly voted for independence.

Mading Ngor, a Sudanese-born journalist in Calgary, and Nhial Tiitmamer, who completed his studies at Augustana Campus last December, will speak at an International Week session about the hopes, opportunities and challenges for the state about to be born.

Mading and Nhial are originally from Sudan and had witnessed the wars’ devastation first hand before they fled to Kenya and then Canada. Both of them are the co-founders of the New Sudan Vision, a news website which seeks “to leverage the role of media as one of the fundamental tenets of a democratic, free, peaceful, prosperous and well-governed society.” Mading, who is the website editor, has interviewed key players at different levels of government in South Sudan and in Khartoum. Both of them are part of the Sudanese community in the Diaspora active on issues about Sudan.

If you are interested to hear them speak, join us on February 1 at 6PM at Augustana’s upstairs Forum Board Room.

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