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See pictures from the first Round Dance ever held on U of A Augustana Campus!

U of A Augustana’s Centenary Round Dance in Pictures

After the Pipe Ceremony and blessing the food, guests were invited to feast on beef stew, bison stew and vegetable stew – as well as a variety of bannock and cake! Elder John Crier sits with U of A Provost Dr. Carl Amrhein.
Wetaskiwin-Camrose MLA Verlyn Olson participated in the Pipe Ceremony, the Round Dance and shared a few words with the 800 people who gathered.

Alumni and Special Events Coordinator Trina Harrison brought her family to participate in the Round Dance – and watch her receive an Eagle Feather!

There was plenty of traditional bannock for all, plus butter and stewed field berries as well as beef and bison stew.

The University of Alberta’s annual Round Dance was brought to you by U of A Augustana’s Aboriginal Students Office and the U of A Aboriginal Student Services Centre.

The fire-tempered drums were in nearly constant use through the evening.
Drummers of all ages came from all over for the Round Dance at U of A Augustana. Even the smallest of drummers helped carry the rhythms!

She was far from the youngest – or most enthusiastic – dancer!

Everyone was welcome into the circle, which kept spinning slowly to the rhythms of the singers and drummers all night.

By the end of the first dance of the evening, there were over 300 people on their feet… and the number kept growing!
The drums – and the smokers – were warmed by the fire.

U of A Augustana’s Dean Dr. Roger Epp shared a few words at the beginning of the Eagle Feather ceremony.
U of A Provost Dr. Carl Amrhein presented the first Eagle Feather of the evening – to Augustana alumnus and Elder, John Crier.

For their support and contributions to the Aboriginal community, U of A Augustana Dean Dr. Roger Epp and Director of Student and Residence Services Mark Chytracek were presented with ribbon shirts to match that of U of A Provost Dr. Carl Amrhein.

Janice Fehr and Karen Bossman proudly hold their Eagle Feathers.
Vernon Saddleback clutches his Eagle Feather with pride. Betty-Lou Johnson celebrated her third Eagle Feather!
Naomi McIlwraith was all smiles when she was presented with her Eagle Feather. Alumni and Special Events Coordinator Trina Harrison received her Eagle Feather from Elder John Crier.

U of A Augustana’s first Aboriginal alumnus, Will Willier, received his Eagle Feather in his Vikings hockey jersey from Elder John Crier.

Elders received star blankets at the start of the Eagle Feather Ceremony.

Elder John Crier began dance to Honour Song for Eagle Feather recipients.
Just before midnight, tasty bologna sandwiches were offered to the guests.

Volunteers arrayed the giveaway items to be presented to all guests who attended the Round Dance.

U of A Augustana Aboriginal Student Advisor Petra Cegielny helped distribute gifts to guests at the Round Dance.

After receiving their gifts, attendees celebrated a song of thanks by hoisting them in the air with shouts of appreciation.

One of the last formal dances was the Apple Dance, where volunteers handed out apples to the dancers as they passed by.

Special guests Jake Archie and Susan Aglukark met with U of A Augustana Dean Dr. Roger Epp.
U of A Aboriginal Student Services Centre staff Jason Lafferty and Jennifer Slywka were thrilled at the success of the Round Dance!

Without our team of exceptional volunteers, U of A Augustana’s Centenary Round Dance would have run much less smoothly!

Augustana Students’ Association collaborated with the U of A’s Aboriginal Student Council and ran a concession stand all night, doling out popcorn and quick-energy snacks to hungry Round Dancers.

Their red shirts standing out in the crowd, our volunteers ensured that everything went well – though the cake station was the sweetest post!
Star blankets were gifts for the attending Elders.
20 Eagle Feathers were presented to U of A Augustana alumni at the Centenary Round Dance.

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