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Exhibiting the Hidden Treasures of Tropical Seas and Rainforests

Exhibiting the Hidden Treasures of Tropical Seas and Rainforests

With its dry, pictureless books, many people consider biology boring. Ironically, these books describe the most fascinating and beautiful creatures on the planet. U of A Augustana promises to set this misconception right: the Creatures of Wonderland exhibit will show the splendour and mystery of specimens from around the world, preserved in Dr. Tomislav Terzin’s research collection.

Strange dry stick and dead leaf insects are arranged beside magnificent tropical butterflies and giant moths. Jewel and horned beetles share the stage with stunning seashells in a range of colours that dazzles the eye and defies the imagination. Throughout this exhibition, science meets art. When faced with such beauty, we turn to questions about the mystery of life and what it means – this is the study of biology.

This collection is used by Augustana students in their undergraduate research as they study the natural world and its breathtaking beauty. See some of the tiniest specimens under a 3D microscope, learn about these creatures and answer an anonymous survey designed to study beauty in nature.

This free exhibition is open to all. Six-year-olds and seniors can appreciate the opportunity to see such wondrous and engaging examples of life from around the world. Students and professors will be available to discuss the specimens and answer questions. Digital photos for personal use are welcome, but no flash will be permitted to protect the delicate pigmentation on display.

All specimens are from the astounding private collection of Dr. Tomislav Terzin, Professor of Biology at U of A Augustana.

U of A Augustana Campus Library
Tuesday, March 15 – Thursday, March 17
9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. daily
Opening Night Mon, Mar 14 | 6-8 pm – Student Forum
Free Admission
Organized by the Augustana Science Club


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