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Teachers teaching teachers how they teach!

By Jamie Hanlon –

Milton Schlosser likes to keep his focused, passionate and curious. Tim Parker likes to challenge his. Roxanne Harde likes to help hers take ownership of their experience. Billy Strean has a whole bag of tricks to motivate his.

All four professors have opened their class to the university community to see how they engage the public, and they are only a sampling of the more than 100 classes, students, staff, faculty and alumni can observe as part of the Festival of Teaching.

“It’s an opportunity to come away with new ideas,” says festival co-chair Anne Naeth. ”They get to see different approaches, different methods and explore various teaching styles.”

And it’s not just the attendees who gain from this experience either, says Naeth. The instructor-participants gain from having been part of the synergy and success of the festival. They also have the opportunity to draw feedback and interaction from the observers post-event.

“I know a lot of the instructors are very excited about being part of this year’s festival,” she said.

With more than 100 class schedules to choose from over the course of the four days, including a day dedicated to Augustana Campus, there is an opportunity to observe a wide variety of classes covering the social and physical sciences, humanities, music, native studies and law. Course schedules can be found online. To register, please visit the registration website.

For further information, please contact Karen Unger at

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