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This year’s Rocky Road Ice Cream Fantasy was held on February 13, with a LEGO theme, and raised funds for the TIPS program!

This year’s Rocky Road Ice Cream Fantasy was held on February 13, with a LEGO theme! Guests ate as much ice cream as they wanted and played on the climbing wall and obstacle course, had their faces painted and listened to story time. They frolicked among building blocks, magic mud, our parachute and crafts. They coloured on the wall and had their pictures taken in our photo booth – and the festival raised over $1400 for the TIPS (Teaching Independence and Parent Support) program in Camrose.

The Rocky Road Ice Cream Fantasy started as an RA program in the coffee house in 1993 has grown exponentially since then. Each year, organizers look for a different organization to support with its proceeds: usually, a local charity with a connection with kids is selected.

More than 100 student volunteers plan and participate in the Fantasy, and volunteer sign-up sheets always fill up quickly: students love the event and look forward to it each year.

“I really loved getting to see members of the community – I am starting to recognize faces. Since I am not from the Camrose area, the community originally felt a little foreign to me, but that is quickly changing and Rocky Road definitely helped. I think it is a great experience for students like me to interact with people outside of Augustana, and for the community to see that we aren’t a bunch of apathetic students – we do care!”
-Stacey Morris, Augustana Student

“Our four-year-old came to the Rocky Road Ice Cream Fantasy, he saw, and he was conquered! He was as thrilled as his parents were dazed to see a whole gym full of children laughing and shrieking with delight at all the activities on offer. Everything was magical – from the face-painting to the parachute to the papier-mache. But the best – the BEST – was the gym mat obstacle course! Our son raced around and around, piling himself over, along, under, and plop down on top of the mats. On a day in the winter when chances are few to run and jump and play outdoors, he just couldn’t get enough. And his parents? We had the chance to hang out and visit with friends and other moms and dads. Our son closed down the place, and when night came he slept soundly. The Rocky Road Ice Cream Fantasy is a child’s (and parent’s) dream!”
-Kristian Wold, parent

“With over 350 guests and more than $1400 raised for the TIPS program, we can certainly consider this year’s Rocky Road a great success. Our sponsors:  ATB Financial, Booster Juice, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, O’Shea’s, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Superstore,  Wal-Mart, Battle River Implements, Beginning to End, Border Paving, Camrose Farm Equipment, Hi-Way 13, Meridian, Panhandle Productions, R & D Hot Tubs, Rockoil Synergies, Wolski Building Contractors Ltd., Books For You, Duggan Cinemas, Goodies, McDonald’s, Sobey’s, Wendy’s, Camrose Chrysler, Camrose Co-Op, Camrose Motorsports, 

Rocky Road organizers present a cheque to the TIPS program.

Dominos Pizza, From Kicks to Kids, McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Ltd., UPS, Western Financial, New Cap Radio, Duff Layton’s, Lou’s Fashions, TD Trust, Wiseman’s Way, Bank of Montreal, Garvin’s, Customs N Classics, The Bali Shop, Ja-na-ya and The Grocery People provided support that allowed us to maximize our contributions to TIPS.”
-Angela Chappell,  Residence Coordinator

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