Posted on March 3, 2011 by Tia Lalani

Join Dr. Takako Takano as she lectures about sustainability education in Japan.

Dr. Takako Takano chairs a Japan-based educational charity ECOPLUS, is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Waseda University in Tokyo, and is a Specially Appointed Professor at Rikkyo University in Tokyo. Dr. Takano has been involved in cultural and scientific expeditions in the Arctic, the Amazon, Siberia and Micronesia. She is featured in the recent documentary movie “Gaia Symphony No. 7” and has recently authored two books about her life and sustainability education.

Dr. Takano was one of 14 international delegates who participated in the Augustana Hosted Wilderness Educational Expeditions conference in the summer of 2010. Dr. Takano is visiting Augustana along with Mr. Takeshi Okada, former Japanese National Soccer Team coach, to investigate possible collaborations in outdoor education.

Public Lecture: Friday March 4th, 12-30 to 1:30pm, C-103.

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