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On his blog, Augustana professor Milton Schlosser relays details of his amazing adventures in Japan with fellow professor Kathleen Corcoran.

An invitation from the Canadian Embassy in Japan said it all:

“The Embassy of Canada requests the pleasure of your company for the concert ‘Songs of the North: the Voices of Canada’ by Milton Schlosser and Kathleen Corcoran in the Oscar Peterson Theatre on Thursday, October 27, 2011.”

On his blog, Augustana professor Milton Schlosser relays details of his amazing adventure with fellow professor Kathleen Corcoran in the Land of the Rising Sun:
“We performed to a full house at the Oscar Peterson Theatre at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo last night (Oct 27)! It was an evening to remember for us, presenting some of our favourite songs by Canadian composers and premiering Nick Howell’s solo piano piece “Crowfoot” to an international audience. The wide ranging program (from Violet Archer to Joni Mitchell) was well-received; people indicated to us they were moved and delighted by what they heard.”

Milton and Kathleen travelled to Nagoya in preparation for a performance at the Nagoya International School to promote the University of Alberta. They will be hosted by Mari Kondo Kawamoto, a University of Alberta graduate and former piano student of Milton’s “who is an outstanding musician, visual artist, clothes designer, and parent.” The performance was very well-received and the University of Alberta literature was snapped up quickly.

Follow Milton and Kathleen on their Japanese adventure at!

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