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“Ibsen’s Children” is the English language premiere, translated by John Johansen, of the Norwegian play “Ibsen’s Barn”.

“Ibsen’s Children” is the English language premiere (Augustana Professor John Johansen’s translation) of the Norwegian play “Ibsen’s Barn” by Ivar Tindberg & Catrine Telle.

Ibsen’s Barn focuses on the young people in four key Henrik Ibsen plays (A Dolls House; Lady from the Sea; Little Eyolf; and The Wild Duck) and allows us to examine these stories from the children’s perspectives. This perspective is implicit in Ibsens four plays but strikingly foregrounded and articulated in Ibsens Barn.

Cast, left to right: Maddy Goodman, Kristi Beange, Richard Boness, Levi Borejko, Aleisha Sommer and Geordie Nelson. Photo: Ron Pilger, Camrose Booster

The children in the Helmer, Wangel, Allmers, and Ekdal families eventually sacrifice their youthful innocence and their exuberance shattered so that the adults can get a chance to realize themselves. The adults live and continue on, while their children are left by the wayside with their broken lives.

The piece is both touching and harrowing in its relentless representation of adult egoism set against the childrens honest and indestructible desire for full lives of their own.

The play has newly been translated as “Ibsen’s Children” by Augustana English professor John Johansen and will be directed by Augustana Drama professor Paul Johnson. Augustana professor of Scandinavian Studies, Ingrid Urberg, serves as language and culture consultant.

Coming just at the beginning of Augustanas second century, the staging of this innovative play will both acknowledge the importance of Augustana’s Norwegian roots and look forward to an exciting future for Augustana and its ongoing contemporary relationship with Norway.

Tickets are available at the door ($15 adults; $5 students).
Nov. 17-26 (Thursdays to Saturdays only)

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