Posted on December 1, 2011 by Tia Lalani

Check out what Augustana students have been up to in their directed studies, independent and group research projects this semester!

Since 1994, Augustana has organized a symposium at the end of each term in which undergraduate students conducting independent work for credit can present their research findings.  Classes that have conducted CSL projects are able to present their community work in this context as well.

This year features a host of fascinating subjects, with several student presentations accompanying each. Don’t miss The Secret Lives of Pink and Blue, Canada’s New Food Guide: Carrots, Cooks, Chemistry and Computers, iMind: Youth, Music and Memory, Yesterday Never Dies: Episodes in the History of Math and Physics, and Visual and Musical Delights: Posters, Podcasts and a Performance!

Find the SAC schedule here and plan your night!

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