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Generations Augustana hockey players made the trip back to Camrose to celebrate forty years of ACAC hockey.

By Laurie Callsen, Camrose Canadian

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Generations of University of Alberta, Augustana hockey players made the trip back to Camrose last weekend to celebrate forty years of ACAC hockey in the community.

While the hockey program at Camrose Lutheran College started up in the 1940s, it wasn’t until 1971 when the school joined the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference. The Vikings Hockey Alumni Weekend Jan. 27 to 28 also celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the Viking’s win at the 2002 Viking Cup Championship.

A hockey game celebrating these two anniversaries saw former Vikings pitted against those who won the 2002 Viking Cup on Jan. 28.

“You recognize a guy’s style of skating, the way they pass the puck, the way they think and even years later, your heart, your soul, your desire, your drive doesn’t change. The fur on a fox may change, but you can’t change the hide,” said Steve Patterson, who played with the Vikings from 1973 to 1976.

Patterson recalled some of the lessons he learned on and off the ice during his time at Augustana.

“My coach was Joe Voytechuk. Joe made stars and was a tough coach. He broke some guys but he made some guys tougher and stronger. What he did do is give us all life skills to survive. He taught us that there are no gifts and that you have to work hard. And if you didn’t work hard and didn’t work together as a team, you didn’t fit.”

Richard Molenaar, who played for the Vikings from 2004 to 2006, travelled from Vancouver for the alumni weekend and catch up with old friends.

“It’s lots of fun to see the guys again, and the new facility and the new rink, and to get back to see the school and team that gave us a chance to give us an education and play hockey,” Molenaar said.

“The dressing room is quite well done and it shows a lot of history, a lot of memories and a lot of good teams that have come through this program,” he added.

Credit Pro Sport Photography

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One response to Viking alumni make pilgrimmage back to Augustana

  • Harvey Wolfleg said:
    Feb 22, 2012 at 12:40 PM

    Steve Patterson overlooked one area in his recollections. A man may skate the same way, but…….he now requires an extra, extra large sweater to accommodate the years of growth, for these alumni gatherings!