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Jump-start into the workforce through free sessions at the University of Alberta – Augustana campus.

By Laurie Callsen, Camrose Canadian

University grads and alumni are being offered the chance to get a jump-start into the workforce through free sessions at the University of Alberta – Augustana campus.

After U are free evening sessions running from March 19 to 22 and designed to help young adults transition from student life to work life.

“A lot of students don’t know what they can do with their degree. A lot of students think ‘I’ll have to work at a coffee shop or whatever job I can find’. I have that problem,” said Sandra Gawad Gad, who is a student organizer for After U as well as an Augustana Students Association (ASA) councillor.

Sessions for students include how to make the most of a liberal arts degree, dressing for the right work environment, interviewing skills and resume skills.

The sessions will culminate in an evening that aims to bring Generation Y workers to employers. A presentation by Kristen Cummings will explore the differences between these generations and how to use this to employee and employer advantages.

“She talks about the various generations, their belief structures and their assets in the work place, but focusing really on Gen Y. If you’ve got a baby-boomer manager and a Gen Y employee, it can help to facilitate the differences between those two and improve understanding. Gen Y has a different expectation from work and different reasons for being at work,” explained Linda Cherry, Business and Industry Liaison with Alberta Works.

Cherry hopes the event will also encourage those who are under-employed to seek opportunities to move into more fulfilling employment.

“When you have skilled youth that are under-employed, they are working in positions that they are over-qualified for, the longer they are away from what their training is, the harder it can be to get back into. If they are successful in finding employment in their field of study, then it opens up jobs for other people that maybe don’t have that level of education,” Cherry added.

To register contact Trina Harrison: or 780-679-1105
Learn more about After U sessions and the schedule here!

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