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Browse through some pictures from our 2012 Spring Soiree and watch Dean Allen Berger’s Report to the Community.

On Tuesday, April 24, the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus held their Spring Soiree, A Report to the Community. Nearly 200 attendees – community members, alumni, staff, students and special guests – were introduced to Dean Allen Berger’s appraisal of the past year and his vision for the future.

In the video below, Dean Berger outlines Augustana’s mission as a liberal arts and sciences campus, lists the challenges before us and the advantages that we bring to our students, to the University of Alberta as a whole, and to our community.

“Strengthening our liberal arts identity is something we have to do a better job communicating, both internally and externally… We must communicate the meaning, the value and the purpose of the liberal arts.

“This is the best preparation for citizenship, the best preparation for leadership, the best foundation we can build for young people so that they can go on to lead personally meaningful lives. It is the best launch pad for successful careers. Because if all we do as a university is provide students with narrow training in a narrow field, we are ill serving them for a future in which they will have at least half a dozen different careers – not different jobs, but different careers. How will they navigate a landscape of rapid change like that? How can we ensure that they’re prepared to make meaningful contributions?

“We can’t train them for the future – we need to educate them and cultivate a lifelong love of learning. That’s in part what it means to be a liberal arts campus.”

– Dean Allen Berger

After his remarks, Dean Allen Berger presented the Alumni Citation Award, recognizing the significant contributions of a non-alumnus to the life of Augustana. The recipient this year was the Honourable Judge Harry D. Gaede. Judge Gaede is a longtime supporter of many of our fundraising initiatives and frequent attendee of events, lectures and international study courses offered by Augustana.

Feel free to browse through the pictures below, and Comment on any that appeal to you!

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