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The CCAA selected Jessi Tomiyami for the CCAA apprentice coach program this year, under Leanne Shenton.

The CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) is pleased to announce the successful candidates participating in the 2012-2013 CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program.

The CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program will offer coaching opportunities to 12 apprentices training under mentor coaches in soccer, cross-country running, volleyball and basketball.

The CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Program targets female graduating student-athletes to participate in collegiate sport as apprentice coaches. The program provides grants for professional development opportunities and operational costs associated with the apprentice coach. Apprentice coaches typically aid in player scouting, team communications, training exercises, skill development and administrative duties throughout the season.

The CCAA Female Apprentice Coach program is funded by Sport Canada.

“Thanks to Sport Canada, we’re able to provide apprentices coaches with education, practical experience and qualified mentor coaches,” states program chair Yvonne Becker. “It serves to increase their competencies and enrich Canada’s coaching ranks for the future.”

The CCAA’s goal is to have one female coach on the staff of each women’s sports program.


U of A – Augustana Vikings, ACAC

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Apprentice: Jessi Tomiyami
Augustana will host the ACAC 2013 Women’s Basketball Championship, and former team captain Jessi is excited to be involved. “I have enjoyed playing the sport of basketball for 15 years now and am so excited to move into the coaching phase. I am ready to start my coaching career and feel so blessed to have a mentor coach to help me on my way.”

Mentor: Leanne Shenton
Since joining the Vikings in 2008, Shenton has seen improvements in the squad’s overall record and qualified for the 2010-2011 ACAC playoffs. Shenton claims she earned her current position “directly because of the mentorship I received during the beginning of my coaching career, and I would like to pass on tbe skills I learned. Jessi has potential and I want to support her every step of the way. “

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