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And you thought the first week was action-packed… Note that Monday’s Human Foosball game has been postponed to Thursday!

Whether you’re in your first year at Augustana or you’re finishing up your degree, the clever student spends their first couple of weeks getting to know their professors, their syllabi and the expectations set for the coming months.

However, before the studying sets in and the assignments start to pile up, every Augustanian can take the time to cut loose and enjoy some of the wackier events – with plenty of chances to get to know their fellow students outside of class time, floor meetings and study sessions.

Monday evening’s Human Foosball game has been postponed to Thursday evening. No teams required, no equipment necessary: just show up on the Athletics Field at 6 pm and be prepared to be roped together for the weirdest soccer game you’ve ever played! Human Foosball is brought to you by your Students’ Association. After Foosball, stop by the Chaplaincy’s Campfire in the Quad for hot chocolate and sing-alongs.

On Tuesday, after the Chaplaincy’s Soup Supper in the Faith & Life Lounge at 5 pm, meet in the Quad at 6 pm. The Bigger, Better Scavenger Hunt pits your team against others in an effort to scour Camrose for the biggest, best scavenging – with plenty of prizes for the biggest, best and wildest items! Neon signs, mattresses, truck toppers and kayaks are fair game!

On Wednesday, visit the Faith & Life Lounge at 2:15 pm for the International Student Flag Raising: every semester, we welcome arrivals on campus from afar by hoisting the flags of their home countries. Challenge yourself to name the countries with flags hanging above you, and get to know our newest students from around the world.

Later that night, if you choose to accept it, meet in Quad for the Students’ Association’s Mission: Impossible at 9 pm. Dress in night time camo gear and be ready for anything: the less you know about your mission, the better. For everyone!

Several smaller-scale activities have been planned by various offices on campus this week: don’t miss one of Professor Milton Schlosser’s noon-hour concerts in the Chapel on Wednesday and Friday; and the popular Learning Strategies Workshop has added a second day for students who want to get a jump start on their university career.

Get to know your professors – they aren’t as scary as they sometimes seem – and make some friends in each of your classes. Meet your floor-mates and watch for the SA Club Fair coming up later this month to pack yourself full of extra-curricular activities. Your university years are what you make them: come out of the blocks at full speed and drink deep of all this spectacular campus has to offer!

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