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Thomas Homer-Dixon is speaking tonight at Augustana about Community Resilience in a Turbulent World: Pathways to Innovation.

Thomas Homer-Dixon is the CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation) Chair of Global Systems at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Director of the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation and Professor in the School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development at the University of Waterloo. He is speaking tonight at Augustana about Community Resilience in a Turbulent World:  Pathways to Innovation.

“I study the overlap between four main issues,” explains Homer-Dixon. “Global environmental problems such as climate and energy, security issues such as conflict and war, innovation and adaptation, and complex systems theory. I’m particularly interested in what goes on in people’s heads: the psychology and emotional processes that influence how people react to crisis.”

“Tonight, I will be talking about how the world is changing,” he continues. “In particular, the increasing frequency and severity of shocks of various kinds – economic, environmental and social turbulence. I will focus in particular on climate and energy issues, both of which will be the source of extraordinary disruption in the future.”

“The next part of my presentation will examine the importance of resilience as a response to these shocks. I will examine the kind of innovations that are going to happen in our economies – a general-purpose technology transition, a green energy transition – is almost inevitable. We either do it or our economies start to collapse. This transition will be of the same magnitude as those accompanying the introduction of steam power, the internal combustion engine or the more recent I.T. revolution. It will affect every areas of our lives and have a huge impact on Alberta as an energy-driven economy.”

“Finally, I will ask how communities survive and thrive in that very disruptive environment,” he finishes with a smile. “This is why I focus on resilience: what it is, how you get it.”

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Doors at 6:30pm, talk at 7:00pm, Book Signing at 8:30pm
Augustana Chapel, Camrose

This events is being presented in collaboration with the  University of Alberta’s Office of Sustainability Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, Augustana Campuses Theme Committee,The Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, the School of Energy and the Environment and the City of Edmonton’s Office of Environment.

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